Tips For Workplace Health And Safety Success


Warehouses are full of hazards. Every year, the number of reports we get regarding warehouse fatalities are many. And it is due to these reasons that we have decided to provide you with health and safety tips for warehouses. As a warehouse manager or owner, you are in charge of adopting these safety measures in your place of work. Employees should also embrace these tips as they will help them carry out operations safely.

  1. Protective Gear Should Be Worn at All Times

All employees should get into their protective gear as soon as they arrive at the warehouse. The gear entails gloves, goggles, hats, fire-resistant clothing, boots, and other necessary clothing. It doesn’t matter whether an employee is on a permanent or temporary contract, the management should provide all this gear to employees. Protective equipment safeguards all employees working in a warehouse from different hazards.

  1. Staff Training Should Be Provided, and One Shouldn’t Operate Machinery Without A License

There are a string of activities that occur in a warehouse ranging from storage to loading and off-loading of goods. Employees must be trained on how to carry out these tasks safely. Also, before one is tasked with operating machinery, they should be licensed to do so. Many warehouse accidents are usually caused by negligence. This is why we advise employees to always adhere to warehouse safety rules and regulations.

  1. The Warehouse Needs to Be Clean and Organized at All Times

Warehouse managers should allocate and supervise the regular cleaning of warehouses. Debris, water, or oil spills could lead to severe accidents. At the same time, the warehouse should always be organized. Storage of goods needs to be done systematically. The heaviest products should be stored on racks located at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. It is also advisable for the manager to have anti-slip measures installed on the floor of the warehouse.

  1. Signage

Signs in a warehouse help draw attention to hazards within the premises. They also assist in reminding workers on matters such as wearing protective gear and avoiding accidents. The signs should be placed in visible areas and should be illuminated. Remember, the signs aren’t enough. It is the role of warehouse managers to conduct thorough supervision.

  1. Practise Proper Lifting Techniques

Lifting is part and parcel of the job description of a warehouse worker. However, it should be done safely and as per the stipulated standards. Never lift a weight that is too heavy for you. It is best if you make use of forklifts and other equipment. When using lifting equipment, be mindful of your environment and ensure you do it safely.

  1. Approach Aisles Carefully

In a warehouse, you should treat aisles the same way you would a busy street. Don’t cross without looking at both sides. Also, be cautious when walking near racks or corners. For that operating equipment or vehicles, be careful. Ensure that you don’t knock off racks or any other delicate item.

As long as the warehouse manager and employees adhere to these tips, you can minimize warehouse accidents. You should also familiarize yourself with emergency exits and safety points within the warehouse. Employees should also report all safety hazards to the supervisor.